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Slip it on04/28/2011

This season’s mannish shoe: the slipper. Part aristocratic, slightly Grandad, a little Eurotrash, and definitely Hugh Hefner.

The Row and Alexander Wang worked slipper shoes in typical down-town New York style with leopard print and metallic styles on their A/W 11/12 catwalks. Worn with floaty silk pyjama shorts and pastel coloured faux-fur, the designers brought new meaning to the fashion term innerwear as outerwear, originally only associated with lingerie.

Where to buy, I hear you cry! Check out Stubbs and Wootten who specialise in slipper shoes and have given the traditional style a makeover with clever and unexpected motifs and prints. Whilst, like me, you would have previously turned your nose up at the sound of salmon coloured velvet paisley or pastel blue beetles, look again:

Somehow, in the form of a slipper shoe, it just works. Stubbs and Wootten‘s velvet designs are the classic option, but there’s loads more to try. Topshop have done some great versions, and at about fifty quid a pop, they cost a lot less than the Stubbs and Wootten ones (the cheapest pair rings in at about 300 dollars). The beige woven leather and coral suede slippers are my favourites:

With his great taste in shoes and penchant for wearing a dressing gown out and about I present:

Hugh Hefner, your new style icon.

Photos: Streetfsn, catwalking, Stubbs and Wootten, Topshop, Corbis.