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Summer lovin: leather05/29/2011

Leather: lasting, masculine and rock and roll. The inimitable leather jacket, worn on rock stars like Dean and Springsteen, and waif models like Moss and Chung, is not going anywhere. It is still here, with even more buckles and studs than before. Pilot and biker jackets beef up men and give women the boyfriend look. It’s the perfect jacket all year round, particularly during British springs when you need an extra layer of warmth.

I asked Natalie Kingham, International womenswear buyer for Matches what she thinks is the reason for leather’s longevity, ‘the success of leather always comes down to styling and colour ways, but equally it depends on the designer. Leather jackets are consistently a key trend and for spring and summer 2011, Matches have bought into the biker jackets from Burberry Prorsum and Givenchy.’

As much as I love my classic black leather jacket (like Chung’s, above), I think spring calls for softer styles. Suede, dusky colours, sleeveless ones and elongated lengths. These are on my imaginary shopping list, and the indigo/violet long suede Acne jacket is at the very top of it…

Photos: Hanneli, Acne, manrepeller, ASOS and Topshop