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Fedora season06/12/2011

The fedora: in history, seen on artists from Gauguin to Van Gogh. Now, seen on anyone who knows their Stephen Jones from their Philip Treacy. The fedora is a bit arty, seventies and masculine.

Julia Markou, Accessories Buyer at online fashion empire ASOS has bought into fedoras for spring: ‘we tend to sell hats during festival and holiday periods year after year, so tend to stick with it. We predict that fedoras will be the ‘it’ hat this summer. They nod to the 1970s revival trend, which is huge this season’.

‘Fedoras were heavily featured in designers’ collections’, Markou explains, ‘we have bought strongly into them as they had a lot of presence on the spring and summer 2011 catwalks in London, New York and Paris.’

It’s officially summer, so fedoras in suitable soft, pastel shades are bang on the money: Lacoste, Moschino and Hermes went for white, camel and pastel fedoras and Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and Yohji Yamamoto finished straw ones with a band of muted grosgrain ribbon. These ones by Urban Outfitters (£20) and ASOS (£22) are just as good:

Photos: Streetfsn, vogue, urbanoutfitters and asos