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How to: Summer satchels07/12/2011

Carolina Engman of blog Fashion Squad shows us how to wear satchels this summer with her obligatory shirts, blazers, skinny jeans and spiky stilettos:

1. Minimalist with a splash of neon

2. Colour blocking in jewel tones

Photos: Fashion Squad



The batchel

The satchel screams of English schoolboys, and is loved by both men and women of all ages for its timeless and preppy look. The Cambridge Satchel Company is the supreme of all satchels, keeping its designs at their most traditional, par subtle seasonal twists such as on trend neon colours and festival appropriate battered leather styles.

And here, they’ve done it again. This is the satchel backpack (or batchel, as I like to call it). In all it’s sturdy leathery loveliness, the satchel is transformed into a very cool backpack. So simple and brilliant an idea, I’m wondering why no one thought of it sooner…

Satchel, ASOS



What’s yours is mine

Adorable editorial of a girl stealing her boyfriend’s jumper. They always feel so much better than your own, don’t they?

Photos: Stockholm



All shades of blue07/06/2011

Photo: AnOther magazine, spring/summer 2009



Kathy Lam

Kathy Lam of the London College of Fashion, presented her graduate collection back in June. Blue and white Chinese porcelain springs to mind, and sits with vivid blue brush strokes and the boxy shapes of Chinese traditional dress (these inspirations are shown below). I love the granny-chic layering, saturated shades of blue and paper textures, in the pleated waists of the skirt and starched tee. The watery blue detailing on the collar and cuffs of the shirt above is particularly lovely.

Photos: Kathy Lam



Surf’s up07/05/2011

Love this editorial- the summer heat, feline fifties sunglasses, rustic shell earrings, multicoloured hair and memories of the tie-dyed pieces in Proenza Schouler’s SS10 collection, which is one of my all time favourites.

Photos: B magazine, issue 4