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Flaminia Saccucci10/18/2011

Italian born, Central Saint Martin’s graduate Flaminia Saccucci fuses rigid masculine tailoring with the most feminine of floral prints. Her distinctive debut collection has been bought be famed London boutique Browns and she has already been featured in the coolest of magazines, from 1883 to iD. Saccucci has not only won the L’Oreal Professional Young Talent Award, but has moved to Paris to work under Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy.

For her debut collection, what made her stand out from her classmates is her unique and directional use of latex; precision tailoring is a skill in itself, never mind doing it with such an unusual material. The floral screen print is not only a complex technique, but one which also changes your perception of latex. As Saccucci said in a recent interview with 1883 magazine, ‘My main focus was to use latex not in an expressly sexy way, but instead to make it more feminine’. Saccucci says the suits are her favourite pieces in the collection, and I agree: they are minimalist, masculine, as well as outrageously colourful and flowery. Saccucci is an innovative design talent and it’s no surprise she is turning so many heads in the fashion industry.

Photos: Flaminia Saccucci