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The Crombie10/30/2011

Crombie Ltd were one of the first luxury British brands producing high end apparel and accessories, and their most famous coat, the Crombie, has now become a universal term for describing three-quarter length wool men’s overcoats. The Crombie was particularly fashionable with the Mods of the 1960s, who liked it’s precision tailoring and clean cut image. The Crombie is ideal for the whole minimal/masculine vibe going on this season, and has a pinch of the on-trend 60s about it.

The Crombie was all over the catwalks, and has been noted by fashion editors everywhere for accenting the androgynous look. Naturally, Margaret Howell showed the menswear piece, as did Frankie Morello and Karen Walker. Thrown over shirt and trousers ensembles, or belted at the waist for a feminine twist, it is clear that this is the most versatile coat of the autumn- it’s even got a whole heritage to back it up.

The high street have loads of Crombies on offer, most notably with modern updates, such as leather panels, texture mixes and contrast colour sleeves and lapels. Yet go for a classic Crombie, and it will last longer than just one season. You can always rely on Zara to deliver high-end tailoring at high street prices, and their Crombie coat (top) is a classic design with a really minimalist feel. Very’s charcoal grey coat (bottom) has just a hint of detail with subtle black panels by the pockets. I have it myself, and believe me: it fits like a dream, and with it’s traditional cut it really does look like you’ve borrowed your man’s coat.

Photos: Vogue Germany September 2010, Urban magazine #100, Margaret Howell, Zara and Very.com