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Icon: Bella Freud01/30/2012

‘I was a tomboy when I was little, and when I was about ten years old, playing with boys, I noticed how their clothes behaved as they ran around: shirt-tails came out, collars became looser. It appealed to me. Boy’s clothes aren’tĀ compromised- if you’re a girl playing and your skirt blows up, it’sĀ embarrassing- and they seemed very stylish to me. My style was heavily influenced by punk, as well as by early Chanel and YSL. Even now, when I am looking for something to wear, that Seventies style and the punk thing- irreverent and subversive- always inspire me. I wouldn’t say my look is androgynous. It depends on how you wear it. I saw a picture of Phoebe Philo in a shirt and tie, and she looked totally feminine. Some girls look good in boy’s clothes. It’s very comforting knowing that these outfits suit you, as they are such fun to wear.’

Bella Freud, fashion designer, style icon and daughter of artist Lucien Freud, speaks to Harpers Bazaar, 2010

Photos: @bellafreud, coolspotters, fashionencyclopedia and portrait by Lucien Freud, 1981