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Collaboration: Fashion & Music: Felipe Rojas Llanos & Billie Ray Martin08/25/2012

Artists inspire artists, so it is no wonder the visions of music and fashion have always been intertwined. The recent collaboration between emerging menswear designer Felipe Rojas Llanos, known for his luxe-couture twists on contemporary minimalism, and established singer Billie Ray Martin, known as ‘the Queen of electric soul’, is a case in point.

For her most recent release, ‘Five Takes’, Billie was inspired by Andy Warhol’s screen tests, in which he reflects on his existence and a life which felt less than real. Felipe Rojas Llanos was her designer of choice to dress her for her new video. Rojas Llanos skilfully balances contemporary minimalist menswear design with couture techniques. The quiet genius of Rojas Llanos’ designs were the perfect choice to capture the tension, silence and melancholy of Andy Warhol’s screen tests.

Below, Billie Ray Martin and Felipe Rojas Llanos exclusively tell What’s His is Yours about the collaboration…

Felipe exclusively tells What’s His is Yours about working with Billie Ray Martin:

“I always aim to do things a little bit less conventional and am always interested in collaborating with interesting artists such as Billie. You don’t get a lot of artists like Billie Ray Martin – she is sensational.”

“Billie was very specific into what her vision for the project was so I sent custom-made versions of my most silhouetted garments to have this beautiful structure cutting away from the body in more of an A-line shape to create a couture timeless element that I think worked perfectly for the project, however the mood is the most important aspect of what Billie wanted to create so I did not want the clothes to be the main focus, but just to add to the vision she had created.”

“We chose black and white garments and dressed her back to front on some of the looks to get a minimal interesting silhouette. All the garments are made of washed or duchess silk to create a luxurious feel, the inspiration was Billie herself and her vision for the video. It’s a bit like art inspiring art.”

Billie speaks to What’s His is Yours about her individual style:

“I chose my favourite pieces from Felipe’s collection. I chose the items that seemed most androgynous, but had a touch of glamour, such as silky textures.”

“The perfect cuts of the men’s coats with their silky fabrics make them look almost like dresses. I wanted an almost pastoral look, as the song is about Andy Warhol’s church confessions (fictional) so these flowing coats and sleek cuts expressed the kind of modern variation that I was looking for.”

“I usually wear men’s clothes and have them adapted by tailors to create a more feminine touch to them. It’s my little fashion secret. People usually ask me where I get my stuff from and that’s what I do. With Felipe’s clothes of course they were already so perfect and had that feminine touch.”

Watch the video here

Photos: all courtesy of Mark & Billie Ray Martin

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